Cockroach Control & Rats Control Kit

- K-othrine 1 LTR.
- Advanced Gel
- Plastic Pump - 2 Ltrs.
- Ratseal RB

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Contents of the Cockroach Control Kit:

- K-othrine 1 LTR.
- Advanced Gel
- Plastic Pump - 2LTRS.
- Ratseal RB

A Widely Used Proven Rodenticide In Ready To Use Granule Formulation,Containing 0.005% Bromadiolone.

Ratseal™ R.B. Kills Rats By Interfering With Their Blood Coagulation Process.Rats Die Within 3 To 4 Days After Consuming The Spot. In Majority Of Cases,Rats Die In Open Space.

Farmers To Control Rats On Farms, Godowns And Warehouses Have Successfully UsedIt.Various Warehousing Corporations Of The Central And State Governments. PestControl Professionals Have Successfully Used It To Control Rats On VariousPremises, Industrial Townships, Production Houses, Food Processing AndPharmaceutical Industries, Restaurants, Housing Societies, Railways, Airports,Etc.



cockroach gel is the most advanced gel available, providing a cleaner, smarter, safer, faster and more efficient method of cockroach controls.

It contains FIPRONIL 0.05 % W/W. Gel is a revolutionary formulation developed mainly keeping in view the cockroaches biology, behavior and safety of the people and environment. Small spots (approx. 0.1 g ~ 5 mm in diameter) of Cockseal™ – Advanced Gel are placed at discreet places where cockroaches hide. An attractant in Cockseal™ – Advanced Gel ensures its consumption by cockroaches.

Gel’s relatively slow action takes advantage of cockroaches cannibalistic nature (cockroaches’ feeding on the dead cockroaches) and their habit of feeding on their faeces. This feature ensures killing of even those hidden cockroaches which have not directly fed on the Cockseal™- Advanced Gel. This mode of action leads to following advantages of using Cockseal™ – Advanced Gel.

Cockseal™ – Advanced Gel can be safely / conveniently applied at:
Household kitchens etc.


The Spray Pump - 2 Liters, Made of Best Plastic

Great Quality and Best Plastic Tank Hand Sprayer, Easy to use, no-messy, plant and flower misting & other spray uses - better & easier than hand spray bottles, Internal pump builds up air pressure with just a few hand pumps so you just push trigger to spray.

Use in Garden for plant protection
Washrooms, drains, kitchen etc.
Indoor or outdoor

Thumb spray button with lock-on feature, brass nozzle adjusts from super-fine mist to 20' jet stream.



Control All kInd of Cockroaches

For residual spray, dilute 10ml/liter of water of cover 10-20m o area. For bednet impregnation use 1ml of formulation per of the bednet area. Effective at very low dosages.

BAYER'S K-OTHRINE Highly Demanded in the Market for their High Performance. Effective in low dosages. Non-greasy, non staining. No organic solvents.

K Othrin Flow is an odourless, stain free safe formulation for indoor and sensitive environment uses.

These product are hugely recognized for their fast response and superb quality. Our product are largely used in numerous sectors. We provide these product at leading industry rates

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